Why would anyone who gets a salary of several millions of pounds or even hundreds of thousands of pounds per year want more?

Sad as it is, in many cases, even these amounts are insufficient to satisfy their need, amounts that most people wouldn’t earn in a life time of hard work, never mind in a year.

Money is on most people’s minds as people have to work to earn enough for a home, food, warmth, clothes, holiday, car, internet and TV and such like. Though people would like some extra for emergencies, e.g. when something breaks or for an extra visit to a sick parent etc., the occasional meal in a restaurant, maybe a visit to a theatre, Christmas gifts, the extra pullover and such like, having great riches is not part of their normal, realistic thinking. Maybe a lottery win – in your dreams!

I have no problem with people having a lot of money, none whatsoever, provided it was/is earned honestly and without detriment to others, deceit or exploitation. If they meet these criteria they can have it, spend it, give it away or save it as they wish – it’s none of my business or concern and good luck to them. Each adult person is responsible for their own behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour.

Some are earning vast amounts per week, e.g. footballers. They are entertaining millions of people – keeping them occupied for many hours, so, you might say ‘what price on that’? The fans could, of course, be spending time with their families, learning a craft or keeping fit, etc., but football it is, and they have a right to their own choice. The England football managers earn millions per year, if they can keep their job. To most people interested in football, being driven round the country to sit watching footballers’ skills would be, not a job, but a pleasure. After all, it’s hardly the work of a round – the – clock – on – call surgeon is it?

But, despite all the hundreds of thousands or millions per year, some wealthy people still need more, to the extent of dodgy deals to earn a few extra thousand pounds, risking their reputations, jobs and people’s respect, or ignoring other people’s needs and livelihoods to gain their goal.

Why? How can this happen? Thank god we don’t have to be in other people’s minds.

We all think in pictures and words, and we have feelings connected to the thoughts of both kinds.

Are the pictures in greedy minds only of money, e.g.myriad gold coins shining bright and in vast numbers, extending into some far off endless and unreachable horizon with no room for anything else to be seen. Yet, never quite filling the space? Or, do they see the opposite – do gold coins disappear down a deep well never to be replaced and always needing to be obtained, just in case? Are their word thoughts limited to ‘I must have more?’ Do they feel a hunger, an aching in their belly, with their endless thoughts of money, a hunger that can only be satisfied when they have even more?

How did their belief system that ‘excessive money is of prime importance in life’, blanking out honesty and integrity, effects on others (e.g. bankers), common sense and judgement start and grow? Once it has taken root, it seems to be like an obsession that cannot be stopped, a cancerous growth of ‘money’ thoughts.

It is not a state to be envied – for all the money they may possess.

Like all people on the planet, I can only healthily eat a finite amount of food. My clothes last well. One granddaughter, when aged about 5 years, said ‘Nana, why do you always wear the same clothes’? I answered because I like them and they are comfortable – and she agreed that I looked OK. 15 years later, I am still wearing some of them, though I now ‘hear’ the sewing machine and its mate, my fantastic serger (a type of overlocker for wonderful neat seams) ‘calling’ loud and clear. Our usual, routine daily needs are few and inexpensive.

I have spent a lot of time writing books in the past 10 years. Apart from one story (Beyond Mercy) my writing has mainly been poetry – for all ages, and the poems are based on my experience and expertise – after about 35 years of psychotherapeutic work as a psychiatrist. They are a distillation of this knowledge and many people will find they ‘hit a chord’, amuse, educate, or bring understanding – maybe whatever is appropriate/ needed at the time and place.

I would be very pleased to earn money from the sale of my books (at MY BOOKS), as I know several people who could benefit from a bit of financial help right now!





Author: audreyasksquestions

I am a retired Consultant Psychiatrist, now I write stories and poetry, based on my knowledge and experience. For more info re my writing - go to - www.mybooksaudreycoatesworth.com).At the time of starting this blog and writing this 'about me' it is 2016 - I am nearly 79 years of age and been married for 54 years, with children and grandchildren. I am going to ask questions in my blog - about life, beliefs, family life, and general behaviour and add a poem occasionally - if relevant!

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