Audrey asks questions

I am a retired Consultant Psychiatrist. Now I write – both prose and poetry. ‘Beyond Mercy’ is a past life story set in the 15th century  – a book which challenges beliefs. Is it true? Time will tell.

My blogs will ask questions, which I ask myself. Questions about everyday life, family life and the happenings in the world in general.

My own answers are not necessarily the answers of other people. What I think about the issues is my own right, but the question ‘WHY?’ can also include ‘WHEN?’, ‘WHERE?’, ‘WHO?’ ‘HOW?’ What I ask and what I write is based on over 35 years of psychiatric experience and nearly 79 years of life!

Some blogs will have relevant poems from my poetry books.

For those who are interested, all my books can be found, previewed and bought via   MY BOOKS and ebooks by Audrey Coatesworth websites


Author: audreyasksquestions

I am a retired Consultant Psychiatrist, now I write stories and poetry, based on my knowledge and experience. For more info re my writing - go to - the time of starting this blog and writing this 'about me' it is 2016 - I am nearly 79 years of age and been married for 54 years, with children and grandchildren. I am going to ask questions in my blog - about life, beliefs, family life, and general behaviour and add a poem occasionally - if relevant!

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